Let’s Just Talk About Me!

First things first (I’m the realest), I am a 13 year old, I have cyclothymia, depression and social anxiety. I go to a girls school in England, and my hobbies are: 

  • Reading, as you will know if you saw my last post
  • Youtube, ^^^ 
  • Music
  • Violin
  • Languages
  • Programming
  • Photography

Sorry this is very listy. 🙂

My favourite school subjects are: (the ones I’m taking for GCSE have an asterisk)

  • Maths *
  • Spanish *
  • Music
  • Latin *
  • Mandarin *
  • Greek *
  • English * 
  • Computing * 
  • Physics *
  • Biology *

I have a brother and a stepsister, 103 living relatives in four generations and my mum is gay.

Life is not that great right now, but no matter how overwhelming right now, it gets better, right?


One thought on “Let’s Just Talk About Me!

  1. eggertl2

    At thirteen you really have a full day and it looks like it’s every day. It is okay to be busy and to work hard but it might benefit you to prioritize, select the MOST important things and give yourself some time to enjoy your young life. There is always time to burn out later. ☺

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