PSE in Schools

In my school, PSE is split into four sections- lifestyle, diet, careers and the dreaded sexual education.  We have our weekly lesson for an hour, and to be honest, I can’t say a thing I’ve learnt from them. Sexual education leaves you stumbling in the dark, as the tentative subject doesn’t go into enough detail to be helpful! Lifestyle is basically telling us we’re all fat, but tone ok with that, and diet is repeating the food plate over and over again while telling us to ‘exercise daily’. How am I meant to exercise daily when I get up at twenty to seven, go to school, get home at 4:30 and then eat, shower, revise, do homework, practice violin, and go to clubs, on top of organising D of E and learning vocab? I can’t exercise at lunch; I have two clubs every day except Thursday and Friday, and I volunteer in the library on those days!  It is plain ridiculous. It is a wonder I have a social life, and it is no wonder things are overwhelming at the moment. And as for careers, that has certainly been no help! I am no closer to narrowing down from: something in languages, teacher, lecturer, programmer, and engineer. I don’t know what I’m doing, quite frankly, and this blog is really helping to just get that off my chest. The frustrating thing is that every half a term our group, made up of mixed classes, is switched into another classroom with a different subject, and the whole palava starts again.


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