Nowadays we are just bombarded with stuff. Loud noise, flashing lights, that annoying beeping that just won’t turn off on the dishwasher, horns going off, flickering lamps- all these things that we ignore. Even without that, we have schoolwork, jobs, and housework. My meagre ’empty the dishwasher’ seems to be too much sometimes when it comes to chores. We get hours of homework to do after hours of school, and then we sit and watch or read while listening or playing. Multitasking all the time. And the worst, most difficult, most time consuming thing- people. They are the reason you spend ten minutes staring at yourself telling yourself your hair looks fine and you don’t look fat. They are the reason you stress about what someone’s said, and they are the reason you stress about what you’ve said. You have to worry about not being cruel, not being selfish, not being cocky, not coming across as attention seeking. I have to say, it all gets far too much sometimes, and my best recommendation for those moments is one simple thing.

 Sit down. In the quiet. No screens, no music, no pages to turn, just sit. Don’t talk or sing or hum, or even try to think. Just sit, and stare at a wall or something. It helps, even if just for a minute, to take a second from our daily lives and calm down.


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