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  1. The Echo Umbrella

    Hi there,

    I wanted to answer your question about which religion I was associated with and since I don’t post any Replies or Comments on my blog I thought I’d stop by your site.

    It’s actually my mother’s religion and through her I was heavily involved in church activities when I was younger. I do not consider myself to be religious at all now that I’m an adult and I do not currently belong to any church.

    My mother belongs to a Christian religion that’s recognized and has members worldwide. I don’t like to say exactly which one out of respect for my mother and out of respect for other people of faith who sincerely believe in these teachings.

    I’m sorry I haven’t answered your question but I at least wanted to let you know why.

    Ps – I like your blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. justanothergirlwithabook Post author

      Thank you for your reply… I was just wondering, when you say you don’t consider yourself religious, do you mean you are an atheist? Not for any kind of judging reason I’m just genuinely interested ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. The Echo Umbrella

        Hello again,

        Even though I should be old enough to have figured this stuff out, I haven’t. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        I do believe in a Creator. In my humble opinion the universe, the earth and everything on it are so complex and amazingly efficient that I honestly think it must have had a designer.

        I’m just not so sure about any kind of God that looks over people and guides them in their lives. I’m glad that other people can have faith in the God they believe in… but I personally have never been able to.

        So, I suppose I would consider myself to be a Deist.

        Ps – I hate to go all adult on you but I hope your parents/guardians are ok with you reading my posts. I write about a lot of child abuse issues and I’d hate for you to be exposed to such things at such a young age.

        Please don’t be offended by my asking… I’m just trying to protect you from the things I write about. I hope you and your parents/guardians can talk about whether or not you should read what I write.

        I’m making a lot of assumptions here and I apologize… but I’d hate to have you hurt in any way.

        Take care. ๐Ÿ™‚


      2. justanothergirlwithabook Post author

        Hi again,
        It’s fine, it’s not presumptuous to be concerned :-). My parent is not aware of what I read, she believes I can regulate myself, but intervenes if necessary. As for the content of your posts, I do not think they are inappropriate for my age, as they are not as detailed as perhaps they might be. I also think it’s good to know about everything going on, as even if it isn’t happening to yourself (as in me) right now, it is probably happening to someone else. I think it’s amazing that you can talk freely about experiences with your family and then with your mother in law. I don’t think it’s something that should be hidden from anyone, excluding people that could be very easily influenced, such as below ten year olds. I know I was aware of households like the one in your childhood from multiple social medias, films, and books, before reading your blog. I understand your concern, my blogs tone is very young and my tone elsewhere is (hopefully) more distant. Also, seeing as you’ve read some of the posts, you’ll know that I am in a state of depression, with mild bipolar disorder (cyclothymia), and suffering from social anxiety. A very influential time. Thank you for that concern, but turn it away now! As for our religion conversation, I am an atheist, as there is nothing plausible in my mind about any kind of deity or creator. I have a very logical mind, and it pains me to turn away logic. I am open to suggestions, and I wish I could be less closed-minded and more believing :-). I hope that there is a creator that is far too complex for our minds to comprehend, but for now, that’s just not something I believe in. It can join the club with ghosts, stereotypical aliens (I believe there could be bacteria on other planets), and all of the supernatural.

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      3. The Echo Umbrella

        I am very logical too and this is why the idea of a God doesn’t make any sense to me either. I see too many patterns in nature, too much order in the universe to believe it was all just an accident though… and so I’m left searching for a third solution that makes more sense to me.

        I’m sorry that you struggle with depression. I know how hard that can be. As for social anxiety I’m all over that and I actually hate having to talk to anyone in person. I get fidgety and nervous when it’s more than one person at a time and sometimes even then. (Thank goodness for online communication is all I can say.)

        Thank you for your kind words. I was worried about my subject matter even though I try not to go into really bad details. I just know that I had to grow up to life’s bad realities at a very young age and I hate to think of other children having to do the same.



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