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Book Review: All I Know Now by Carrie Hope Fletcher

First things first, anyone who’s come expecting a ‘real book review’ will be disappointed. I’m not doing that! Instead, I want to tell the story of my life from when I heard of the author to now, including anything and everything that involves the book. Maybe I should retitle this… Maybe I will! Who knows?

So it all started two very happy years ago…

 My friend, we’ll call her Jasmine, had introduced me to the Youtube some months before. I was scrolling through my recommended and of course there were a few videos by people I wasn’t subscribed to. I had heard the name before, I’m sure, but it wasn’t until I saw the video entitled ‘Boys in Books are Better- a song by Carrie Hope Fletcher’ (I’m paraphrasing but you get the gist), that I clicked on her channel and, after three seconds of careful consideration, subscribed. I quickly discovered that she was an optimistic, energetic singer/songwriter/actress/vlogger. I also quickly discovered that she was a bookworm, and loved many of the same books as me (Harry Potter, The Uglies, the list goes on). I quickly fell in love with her channel and eventually Jasmine got tickets to the War of the Worlds (TWOTW), the final performing tour in which Carrie Hope Fletcher was performing. Naturally, we were very excited, both of us being fans, and afterwards we waited by stage door… And waited. And waited. She never came, and honestly I have never felt more let down by anyone in my entire life, even though she had no way of knowing we were waiting and to this day does not know there were any of her ‘fans’ (hate that word), in the audience. Despite this, after TWOTW, Jasmine and I became more and more fans. I got a Twitter account purely to follow her, I followed her on Instagram, even though I barely go on it, and I wrote my ‘Letters to Carrie’ once a month. I got replies to each one and I think they were appreciated. It was at this point that ‘YouTubers’ started bringing out books. Carrie realised how her bringing out a book (her long living dream) would reflect and decided to wait to write one.

*one year later* 

‘Twas Autumn, and Carrie started a series called ‘Letters To Autumn’, in which she made a video a day literally talking as if to Autumn. Some were about her day in general, and it was in these two minute videos that she started revealing her writing process- for her book… All I Know Now!

And the rest, as they say (who actually says though?), is history…

The blurb says:

‘Dear You,
My name is Carrie and I’m twenty two years old. Apparently that makes me an adult. Yikes. *Hides stuffed animals*

Anyhow, grown up or not, I did manage to make it through the ‘Teen Age’ more or less in one piece and, a few years ago, I started talking and writing online about some of the things I learnt back then… And a few things I’ve realised since. My daft videos and blogs about broken hearts, bullies and body image- among other things- seemed to help people, so I collected all those thoughts and bits of advice and ramblings into a book. This book. And gosh, isn’t it pretty? Go on, stroke it. You know you want to.

I’m not an expert on life (things I am an expert on: cake, Disney, making the perfect cuppa- that’s about it) but I do think I know a little bit about what’s worrying you* and maybe, with a little bit of luck, some of my stories will make you smile, make you think and, most of all, give you faith that it will all work out right in the end. Because it will. Promise. All I know know is not that much, but I hope it’s enough to help.

*everything right?’